hiatus / request info what is this fuji stop

good day or night! if you’re following me i’d appreciate if you could read this through! er least the first couple paragraphs uhm

i’m on vacation starting today until the 8th of august. i’ll be on occasionally but for the most part there won’t be many updates from me/i won’t be posting/working on any translations while i’m off doing touristy things in NY! (*T▽T*)/

however, as a thank you for 300+ followers (h-how) i have a favour to ask! while i’m away please send me your requests if you have any! you don’t have to be following me to send a request though and sending request via anon is okay. so, should you have any legend of zelda fancomics you’d like to see translated from japanese to english, please send me a link to them via submission

please note! there are a few guidelines to request acceptance such as:

• fancomics available online only, i will not accept doujinshi RAWs, doujinshi samples/to be printed works
no R18 work unless it’s one page; i use text posts/utilize read more for fanworks exceeding two pages and i can’t host graphic material on photobucket… of course if someone could direct me to a site like photobucket that allows R18 material this will no longer apply OTL
• only work you have the legitimate source for such as pixiv or the artist’s website, i will not accept work you found on secondary sites such as this one or zerochan, pinterest, weheartit, danbooru, etc- you get the picture; if you think what you’ve found on one of these sites may have come from pixiv i sincerely suggest seeing if you can find the actual source by using saucenao (you upload the image to them and they search pixiv to see if it’s on pixiv, and if it is they will present a link to you! it’s very quick)
• please no more than 3 requests per person / at a time haha what
• any LoZ series (crossover, super smash bros included) and any pairing/character is welcomed, but i won’t lie that there will be no bias- i’ll work on what i like the most first!
• please note i make no guarantee i will translate what you’ve requested/it may take me a very long while to getting around to it but i will try my best!
• please do not request anything i’ve already translated. if you’re unsure what’s been translated check out my translation tag
• don’t worry about sending in something i already plan to translate or someone else has already requested ^3^/ (if there is a good turn out i will post a pending list)

if you have any questions relating to the above please send me an ask about it and i will get to you as soon as i can 

ps, i hope that all made sense ;;

  1. blastofserenityのコメント: HAVE A FABULOUS TRIP BRO!~ <3 stay safe, take lots of photos, eat good food and all the normal jazz. love ya. /kisses
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